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Tess Milligan
Posted on 21 2014

Title : Instant Rewards Proof 21.09.14
Description : Thank you Instant Rewards!

ezrita quinn
Posted on 19 2014

Title : proof image
Description : my money

Marcela Peguero
Posted on 19 2014

Title : $90 for ONE hour of work!
Description : I started working with instant rewards on July, 2013 just because I have no problem with making a little extra cash. Every since then, I've been making extra money in my spare time. Not part-time; not full-time; IN MY SPARE TIME!

Glynis Ferm
Posted on 27 2014

Title : Look how fast Instant Rewards pays us!!!!
Description : I am sooooo glad I found Instant Rewards! It has literally saved my life! Being a single mom and not able to work outside my home because I take care of my special needs daughter has been a challenge, but Instant Rewards is starting to change our lives!!! Thank you so much, Instant Rewards!! YOU ROCK!!

Terrell Blue
Posted on 26 2014

Title : hard work pays off
Description : I love INSTANT REWARDS

Ajeya Hongo
Posted on 21 2014

Title : LOVE IR !
Description : $75 made while i was asleep ! Plan on buying my daughter some clothes before she gets here ! Thank YOU IR ! Thank you :)

Cassie Baccus
Posted on 20 2014

Title : I made $81!
Description : 80$ for 4 referrals & 1$ for a down line referral:)

Posted on 17 2014

Title : I <3 IR
Description : my payments!

Jacqulynn Spriggs
Posted on 12 2014

Title : YAYA
Description : Love instant rewards

Bradley Devendorf
Posted on 12 2014

Title : Proof receive
Description : First paid of IR

Jacqulynn Spriggs
Posted on 09 2014

Title : YAYA
Description : almost 2 years with Instant Rewards and wouldnt change it for anything!!

Jacqulynn Spriggs
Posted on 07 2014

Title : YAYA
Description : Love IR

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